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Промокод Бетера

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Why put likes on YouTube videos?

YouTube was once a small video hosting service. For some 13 years, the service has become so popular that more than 1 billion people use it.

Billions of videos are uploaded to the network every day. Service has become not just an entertainment project, but also for someone to work.

Bloggers are people who run their own blogs. They regularly post video content on YouTube and, accordingly, try to make money on it. A channel cannot develop without subscribers, views and likes.

The channel’s statistics take into account the total number of likes or another “I like” per month. Not to say that earnings directly depend on user ratings.

Likes rather indirectly affect the channel itself. The fact is that the site does not pay the blogger for whether users like him or not.

An important part that affects search ranking is YouTube likes for the video, the video will occupy the highest positions in the search results and fall into the recommendations section.

In the future, this will allow the channel owner to gain more views for which YouTube and advertisers are willing to pay. If you do not consider the commercial side, likes under the video indicate public opinion.

Thus, when a user likes, he supports the creator of the content. It is becoming more popular, videos are gaining more views, the cost of advertising is rising. More money — better and more regular video.

Like under comments
It is also a kind of behavioral tool. The more marks under a certain comment, the more likely it will go up and people will begin to view it.

Interesting comments attract users, which works like a small ad. New users go to the channel, and they are interested in comments under the video, maybe they will subscribe and enter into a dialogue.

Dislike Youtube
Always be prepared for what to evaluate the video on Youtube, the sofa critics, competitors, people-radishes and people who are crushed by a toad will come to add you. This contingent is likely to stick youtube dislik.
In addition, the video can get a well-deserved dislike. I have one video that really turned out bad and there, about 20 dislikes and 11 likes.
How to deal with dislikes on Youtube
If the number of dislikes exceeds the limit, you can hide the number of dislikes and likes on the video. This is done very easily: opposite the desired video, click change, select: information and settings, switch from basic information to advanced settings and uncheck the box next to: allow users to view the rating of this video.
I often noticed on my channel that competitors to the most visited videos of mine can put 2-3 dislikes per day (sometimes more), despite the fact that the video itself is of high quality (at least, it seems to me).

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